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Prof.Dr.H.Gerzymisch-Arbogast (Translation/Interpreting) ATRC Saarbrücken

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Transportation - Euroconference 2005, Saarbrücken 2 to 6 May 2005

Getting to Saarbrücken

By Road
Saarbrücken lies directly on the Autobahn A6 from Mannheim to Paris.

By Air
There is regular air service between Saarbrücken and Berlin, Hamburg, Luxemburg and Munich.
The Saarbrücken airport is about 15 km from the city;
A taxi from the airport to Saarbrücken costs about 25 EUR.
Bus service is available but infrequent.

Other airports for international and domestic flights are:
   •  Frankfurt/Main —  frequent connections to Saarbrücken direct by rail
   •  Frankfurt/Hahn —  regular shuttle bus service Saarbrucken - Hahn
   •  Luxemburg       —  regular shuttle bus service Saarbrücken - Luxemburg

Airport 'Limousine' services are also available between Saarbrücken and all airports.

By Rail
Saarbrücken lies on one of the main rail lines between Germany and Paris and is has generally good rail connections.
Rail schedules are available from the Deutsche Bahn

By Water
It's possible but probably not practical for the Euroconference – for information contact

Local Transportation in Saarbrücken

All conference hotels are located within easy walking distance or a short bus ride of the conference venue, Saarland Museum, Modern Gallery

The conference hotels all lie directly on or very close to bus or tram routes.

Saarbrücken and the surrounding region is served by a well developed bus and tram system. Service in most areas is frequent and regular. Individual tickets can be purchased at any automatic ticket machine or in the bus or tram; a 3-day ticket for 9,00 EUR or a one-week pass for 12,80 EUR can also be purchased.

• Information on the Saarbrücken bus and tram system is available here.

• Regional bus service information is available here.